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Chiromo Lane Medical Centre receives patients both from professional and personal referrals. These referral sources include;Psychiatrists, General practitioners, Psychologists, Employers, Insurance Companies, Former clients and patient’srelatives. We also accept patients who come on voluntary basis bythemselves and those who come involuntarily.

All admissions are accepted 24 hours a day.

On admission the person/relative will be asked about the past history as well as full details of their presenting conditions.  This information is taken to ensure that the help and support offered while at the hospital is appropriate.  

During a person’s stay in the hospital the Multi- disciplinary Team will ensure the person’s full range of needs are assessed, and a multi-disciplinary plan drawn up  to meet those needs.  The plan is drawn up together with the patient and all the care givers.

Chiromo Lane Medical Centre believe that no one should walk the road to psychiatric health alone, and we take our role as your partner and professional healthcare provider incredibly seriously. Once you have decided to walk this path, we are committed to provide you with the best possible care and ensure that you recover in dignity.

On discharge the multi- disciplinary team draws up a program for the person.  The aftercare may include rehabilitation, attending support groups, outpatient counseling and visits to their consultant psychiatrists. 

Should you wish to enquire about an admission, please contact us.
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